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By Graham Henry. Founder & CEO at Hologress

Millennials are more health conscious than other age groups according to current statistics. Many young people belong to a multi-purpose gym. However, gyms are facing a new challenge as millennials move away from traditional gyms in search of a new, more interactive, fitness experience. Millennials have a strong desire to participate in a fitness community, and to have an interactive user experience that helps them achieve their unique goals.

Innovative Gyms are leading the way, and attract millennials to their facilities by offering them a sense of variety, excitement, and adventure.


So, How Are Innovative Gyms Adapting To Attract Millennials?

1. Personalize The Experience.

Young people are attracted to gyms and brands that offer a sense of fun and adventure.

Although millennials still use treadmills and free weights, they seek to avoid stagnant workout routines. Instead, they prefer the thrill of being led through a personalized fitness journey.

2. Keep Them Motivated.

Millennials are a fit generation, but they still want to be inspired and motivated to achieve their fitness goals. They like to be pushed by a coach, and acknowledged for their growth and achievement.


3. Millennials Are Sensitive To Membership Cost.

It’s no secret that many millennials carry a financial burden.

Fortunately! Young people value their fitness, and are will pay to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, 72% of millennials feel that gym’s aren’t offering enough value to justify their cost. (Mintel US HEALTH AND FITNESS CLUBS MARKET REPORT)

Gyms that list their prices upfront, and offer a range of engaging activities, without demanding a long-term commitment, stand out as the best option to millennials.

my.trainer AR: Dynamic Personal Trainer. Powered by AI.

4. Tailor The Experience To What Is Comfortable For Them.

Young people are relying on their mobile devices to teach, and guide them towards better fitness. Research says that young people are twice as likely than other generations to actively use fitness apps and technology in the gym.

(Flurry Analytics: iOS app usage by category, sample of 15,271)

But the technology has to motivate and make the experience unique.

Adopting innovative technology that delivers a personalized experience to young members is a key differentiator for attracting millennials.

Member Analytics with my.trainer AR

5. Get To Know Your Young Members.

With a member analytics tool, gyms can retain younger members by gaining insight into their individual needs and preferences. Creating a socially inclusive environment that fosters a sense of community and belonging, goes a long way in attracting and retaining millennials.

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