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NOW Included with all META-TAILOR licenses

Buddy Builder - Digital Human Platform

An easy to use tool for creating Digital Humans

Included with all META-TAILOR licenses

Included with all META-TAILOR licenses

Key Benefits

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Start Building Digital Humans

Included with all META-TAILOR licenses

  • Can I export Digital Humans for use in my projects?
    Yes! You can export Buddy Builder Digital Humans into game engines and any 3D platform that accepts (.FBX) files.
  • Are clothes included with my subscription to Buddy Builder?
    Yes! We have a massive library of 3D scanned clothes that you can mix and match to create outfits for your Digital Humans. We also support top tier 3D artists that wish to sell their premium content. Which can be found under Premium Assets in our Asset Browser.
  • What resolution are the PBR Texture Maps?
    All of our content is derived from ultra high resolution 3D scans. Our skin & clothes texture maps are 4K resolution. We plan on supporting 8K Texture map exports in the near future.
  • Why is Buddy Builder a subscription pricing model?
    Buddy Builder is a LIVE service. Weekly patches and continous feature updates are part of the membership. Your membership also includes an expanding library of high quality clothes and content.
  • Can I use exported Digital Humans in commercial applications?
    Yes! INDIE and STUDIO tiers grant users permission to use Buddy Builder Digital Humans in commercial applications. Some restrictions do apply. Please see our EULA for more information.
  • Do you offer any plugins?
    Yes! We have a Unity plug-in releasing very soon. With an Unreal plug-in planned for Q1 of next year.
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